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16 Mar

Milestones of a Lesbian phase1

14 Mar

Being a Lesbian means a lot of things for different people.Just like when pregnancy means different things to different mothers.Some embrace pregnancy with joy,some feel an element of sadness especially if its unplanned.At times pregnancy comes with a chain of questionable wonders,some mothers wonder what the child is going to be like,some wonder about the gender and the birth itself is a wonder.

Being Lesbian is conceived by God, however as we enter into the world,one is confronted with family and society.Some families shudder at the thought of a girl child being attracted to the same sex.It becomes worse with society as same sex relations are judged as being sinful and uncultural and therefore needs correction.

How then do you come out? The first milestone is dealing with yourself.

Just like a pregnant woman.In the early stages of discovering your attraction to women,you
first are overcome with different emotions.You ask yourself questions that no one can answer.One major question being;am I lesbian or am I merely attracted to some women as a passing phase?Some even go to the stage of thinking they are bisexual before being full blown Lesbians.

Then there comes a time for the questionable wonders;wondering about your family,friends,society as to what they will say at your” new found” sexual orientation.

The question is; When do you deal with yourself when you have to contend with the negative and harsh realities of same sex relationships?This seems to be the hardest milestone as dealing with yourself entails acknowlegding your sexual preference to you,admitting to yourself that you are different.Standing up for your preference.Norturing your preference.Protecting your preference.Sometimes going to the extent of hiding your preference lest your family,friends and society finds out about your preference.

The dealing with yourself milestone is sometimes wrought with dangerous emotions with some wanting to commit suicide,some hiding behind alcohol,drugs and any other excessive behaviour just to shun the thought of being different.
Dealing with yourself is indeed a super hard milestone that can affect one psychogically and can affect ones future relationships.Internal turmoil is dangerous and can be fatal sometimes.